Monday, June 26, 2017

Small Twisted Silver Hoop Earrings, Sterling Silver Hoops by ElunaJewelry

29.00 USD

Small Twisted Silver Hoop Earrings!

These small twisted silver hoop earrings were created to be an elegant adaptation of my small Reversi Hoops. Each of these twisted silver hoops are handmade to incorporate an elegant twisted texture which creates a beautiful sparkle!

These small twisted hoops are made from sterling silver wire and are created with comfort in mind. Each hoop has a diameter of about 1.0 inches, however other sizes are available. These delicate hoops are hand formed from 20 gauge sterling silver wire.

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These hoops are so easy to wear since there is no clasp to deal with. To wear these, simply insert the hoop into your piercing through the back of your ear. Then spin it forward until you feel the catch on the back of your earlobe.

These elegant thin hoops are lightweight and designed for a standard piercing. This means they will not tear or stretch your earring holes. Easy and comfortable!

If you would like to see a demo on how these hoops are worn, please visit my video demo!


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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Silver Baby Bird Necklace by ElunaJewelry

50.00 USD

There’s a lot of love for the canine and feline lovers out there, but it’s high time the avian lovers got some love of their own, too! Whether you’re the proud owner of your very own little baby bird, or you’re a distant admirer of those chirpers, this baby bird necklace is the perfect way to show where your loyalties lie, and spice up your outfit while doing it.

This cute baby bird measures approximately 1.1 inches in height by 1.75 inches in width. Give it as a gift to the bird moms or bird lovers in your life.

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