Monday, August 31, 2009


1. Money – I have forgotten to get money and gone scrambling the night before a show to find small bills for my show. That is a nightmare! Remember to get money from the bank before you have a show. I usually get about $100 in small bills. So far that has been plenty for my shows.

2. Credit Card Machine - If you take credit cards they are a must. If you are using an electronic processor, be sure you can get a signal at your show. I have been to some shows as a customer where I could not purchase what I wanted because they were unable to get a signal and had no backup.

3. Tents/Tables/Chairs – Tables and shelves, you need something to display your work on.

Chairs: Chairs are optional. Some people feel that sitting down in a booth gives the wrong impression. Others could care less one way or another. I do bring chairs with me since I sometimes create new items while at a show.

Tents: I love my tent. Most people who work in outdoor craft shows will tell you a tent is a must. It provides protection for you and your product from the elements. You can get even more protection if you invest in walls for your tent as well. Be careful with walls though, on hot summer days they will bake you by not allowing a breeze through.

4. Displays – Laying your items flat on a table will not bring in customers as well as displaying your products on shelves or displays will. Prop your items up with displays to catch the eye of your customers.

5. Packaging – Customers want to easily transport their purchases home. Make sure you have some bags and boxes available if your customers ask. You may also wish to consider gift wrap or gift boxes during the holiday seasons.

6. Signs and Business Cards – Always have plenty of business cards available for your customers. Also make sure all your signs are typed in large print to make it easy for your customer to read.

7. Promotional Items – Any promotional items you have that will advertise your business like pens, key chains, bookmarks, notepads, ect.

8. Products – No products, no show. Nuff said.

9. Snacks and Drinks – I have attended a few shows where there were not any food vendors, so I always pack a cooler with snacks and drinks. Be careful to only pack items that are mess free (like goldfish crackers), you don’t want to wear a mustard stain on your outfit during a show. It will not look good to your customers.

10. Misc Items: Any items you may need to set up and keep up your booth. Items like
B.Velcro (a biggie),
C. String,
D. Weights to tie down your displays (I prefer fishing weights)
E. Pens
F. Tags (Price tags or promo tags)
G. Camera (Especially if you have updated your booth look lately)
H. Calculator
And any other items you may need to run your booth during the day.


  1. Great list of items!

  2. These are great tips! I won't be doing Craft Shows until next year, but I'm definitely gonna keep this list on hand! Thanks!

  3. Great hints; I make a CRAFT SHOW LIST that I follow TO THE letter when packing for a show; very important, especially if I have had a break in time ( not doing shows back to back;) otherwise SOMETHING gets forgotten, and there is nothing worse than being MILES from home and missing something important ( like Money :) )


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