Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two new ideas for promoting your shop while at craft shows

We have all heard the mantra: Business cards, Business Cards, BUSINESS CARDS.
They are a must to promote your business. But lets face it, what do we really do when someone gives us a business card. If you are anything like me, they probably end up in the trash sooner or later. So here are two great ideas to put your name in your customer’s hands and not head for the trashcan.

Matchbook notepads

I just bought these great customized notepads from CardsandNotes on Etsy. They are wonderful! Plus since they are designed like a matchbook, most people will slip them into their purse for future use. It is a great practical item to get your name in your customer’s hands and keep it there.


Quick, inexpensive to make, and highly practical. I just got through creating a promotional bookmark for my Etsy store. Not only does it have pictures of my work, but it also has my store address. I placed the address on the back of my bookmark with an address label. The label says “Don’t forget to bookmark.”

Hopefully I will be able to find some more cool ideas to post soon!


  1. What a fabulous idea! I'd never thought of that!

  2. great play on "bookmark"
    I have made my own matchbook type notepads with product photos front and back. Good tips!

  3. We can offer promotion for products during our 2009 Emmy and American Music Awards Gifting Suites, complete with video and photos with Emmy Award Nominnes and Award Presnters, not to mention Media coverage.

    I know this has nothing to do with Craft Shows, but hopefully it is information you can use.
    More info:

    Managing Director
    Emerging Magazine

  4. Good ideas here...particularly like the bookmark one...effective, useful, inexpensive...

  5. I made bookmarks for several promo opportunities on etsy. Piece of cake and inexpensive to mail.


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