Thursday, August 13, 2009

Two Comments that Drive Every Artist Batty!

If you have ever done a craft show, I am sure at one point or another you have heard these.

“WHO would wear that (or pay that price, ect)”

This phrase or variation of this phrase pops up at every craft show. I sure all of us, at one point or another, has even thought it. Hopefully we, as artists, have had the tact not to say this out loud.

But it does get said, and if it is said about your work, how should you deal with it.

Well you have a couple of options.

You can ignore the comment, and hope the patron goes away. But keep in mind, if you heard the comment, someone else may have as well. Your bad patron’s judgment of your work, could cost you a sale if it was overheard.

You other option is to deal with the patron up front. I do not mean to be confrontational, but instead politely point out to the patron, how well that type of item sales in your booth, or reasons you prefer that item over other types of similar items (without calling out, that would be unprofessional). In Bruce Baker’s CD “Dynamic Sales”, he suggests using one-liners in this type of situation. Perhaps make a comment like, “This item is one of my best sellers, but it’s not for everyone.”

Ok now the comment that makes every artist want to scream!

“ I could make that.”

Ok, we have all thought it. One or two of us has probably even said it. Before I started selling my work, I know I uttered it once or twice, but I did try to be discreet and only whisper it to my pal (insert shameful blushing here.)

I know I have heard it once or twice in my booth since I have been selling. So what is the best way to handle this problem?

Ask when and where their show is (politely) because you would love to see their work as well. 90% of the people making this comment with have no comment to your request, silently killing the comment where other patrons are concerned. For that other 10%, you may make a new crafting buddy or learn about new shows.

What other comments drive you batty at craft shows?


  1. You have no idea how often when I go to a craft show to browse that I say "I could make that!" LOL Of course I never say it out loud. That would just be rude!

  2. I say "I could make that" in my mind. :) Will I make it is a whole other matter.

  3. Had to laugh at this one!

    "I can make that!" My response is, "I'd love to see yours, do you have any made? If you can make it in less than 5 hours, I'd love to know how!" This is perfect. They have no response and generally the person they are with is covered in "smirk", because they know their friend can't make it!

    Plus, other shoppers will come to see what is being discussed.

    You'll also notice that other vendors will then borrow your pleasant reply.

    Have a great day!

  4. What about asking them how to improve the piece (for the first comment)? It shows you are humble and probably stumps them at the same time.

    Then again it also shows you don't have confidence in your work, so I'm up in the air.


  5. Out of the two comments, "I could make that" is the one that makes my claws want to come out. I just want to say, "Yeah? Try making fifty of them at a time!" The "Who would wear that?" comment doesn't bug me nearly as much. I always reply, "You'd be surprised at how popular that style is. Of course, it's not for everyone."

    Next thing you know they're searching for an item just like it :)

  6. "Do you have any gems in your jewelry?"
    Answer: "They're all gems, actually."

  7. My mom used to take me clothes shopping and say "I could make that " over and over. It drove me nuts.

  8. I am probably guilty of the first comment. I have learned my lesson today. I love your site


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