Monday, April 28, 2014

Setting Up a Craft Booth: Table Layouts

When I began doing craft shows, one of the biggest stumbling blocks I faced was trying to figure out how and where to place my tables in the booth. I wanted to create an inviting booth for my patrons.  I realize that I may not be the only one facing this stumbling block, so I asked around on the Etsy forums to identify the more common booth layouts.

Below you will find images (2d and 3d) of how these layouts look. I hope you can find inspiration in this.

Parallel Setup

 U-Shaped Setup

Reverse U-Shape Setup

L-Shape Setup

C-Shape Setup

Z-Shaped Setup

These are some of the more common table layouts used today (Table lengths may vary). Each setup has its good points and its bad points. Over time you will find which variation works best for your work. I wish you success in all your future shows.

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  1. Thanks for the suggested layouts. I always use the "reverse U shape" I like to be able to face the people as they are viewing items I am selling. I think it is important to always greet them, and let them know you are available if they have any questions.

  2. When shopping, I like the U shape because the seller us not watching my very move and making comments about each item I pick up.

  3. I like the reverse "U" and I am at the back behind the center table. The customers can step in out the walking area and not be in the way of other customers.

  4. This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I used to use the reverse U but stopped since I had stuff stolen from the edges of my booth. I use the z shape so that I can address everyone who is in my booth.


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