Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Quick Idea to Create In Your Face Marketing at Craft Shows

Ever been in a craft booth looking at merchandise? Did you have to stoop or bend over to see what the crafter was selling? It is not a nice feeling and it does not help your sells. If a customer has to stoop to see your products, they may weary quickly and leave your booth before you get a chance to sell your products.

We need to make our customers comfortable in our booths. A good way to accomplish this is to raise the height of our tables. Our products should meet our customers at or near eye level to best accomplish sales.

If you are like me, you have purchased a standard folding table to display your products on. The height of a standard table is around 29 inches tall. For best viewing, our tables should measure 36 to 40 inches tall.

So here is my quick tip of the day: Raise your table’s height for your best marketing chances.

A quick and easy (DIY) way to raise the height of your table is to use leg extensions. There are commercially available extenders on the web.

However I decided to make my own. I simply measured the diameter of my table’s foot. Then, with measurements in hand, I went to the hardware store and purchase PVC pipe that was slightly larger than my table’s foot. My husband cut them into eight inch lengths (add a little more than you need in height) and filed down the edges so they were level. Once they were cut and finished, I simply slid the extender over my table leg. Viola, instant leg extenders. The entire project cost me less than $10 and a little elbow grease (okay so it was my husband’s grease :})

Just two quick notes:

1. The extenders will slip off and on, so I usually apply them while I am setting up at a show.
2. If you have more than one table, be sure to measure each, since tables vary in size.

Here is a quick website that showed me how to make the extenders.


Hope you liked the article today and find it useful. Have a great day!


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