Friday, September 4, 2009

Earring Cards and Earring Displays

Since these go hand in hand, I decided to blog about them together.

I am currently getting ready for an upcoming show, so I thought I would share my latest earring displays with you.
I started making these earring cards several shows back. I got the idea for them from The Beading Gems blog posting: Making your own earring cards. They stand up well even in a light breeze. Here is a photo of my earring cards.
I used a business card template in Microsoft Word to create these cards. I have a design on the front and background information on the back of the card. I also include the URL of my Etsy store on the back of the card. Here are some examples:
After I print and cut the cards, I then fold the ends to stablize the card.
I have used these cards on my tabletop in previous shows, but I decided to hang them for my upcoming show. I like the idea of hanging the cards, because hanging invites more touching. I bet you are wondering what I am going to hang the earring cards on.

Several weeks ago my husband and I purchased two sets of louvered shutters like these. I attached the louvered shutters together with a pair of hinges. Not very hard to do, I simply drill piolot holes in the shutters and screwed them together.

These shutters will make the perfect display for my earring cards.
Hope you enjoyed todays craft show tip.


  1. Great shutter display. I have seen them used before and your earring cards are very pretty!

    I have a 3 day show that starts today. The weather, (Acoording to the weather man), is not going to cooperate! LOL

  2. Isn't that they way a holiday show always works :)

    I hope it goes great for you though and the Sale's Fairy decided to perch right on top of your booth to bring sales in. Good Luck.

    My next craft show is next weekend.

  3. I love the shutter display! That's different from the mesh thingy I hear about! Fantastic!

  4. Great tip and I love the display! If only I sold earrings

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