Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting Ready

I have not posted much on my blog lately. I am busy getting ready for two art shows I have coming up. In the meantime though I wanted to let you know about some current happenings.

First off let me tell you about this wonderful thread I found in the promotion forums on Etsy. It is called “Enyaeire's I buy you buy and let’s help one another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” There are a lot of great shops on the thread. Plus the thread changes daily so you never know who will pop in. I have met a lot of really nice people on the thread and everyone is super supportive. Come check it out. Here is the link for today:

Now I wanted to let you in on my newest YAY moment. I received a convo yesterday that I was in a treasury. On a whim I went to and checked to see. Turns out I was featured in not one but three treasuries. Feel free to check them out!

Just a quick note! My store will be closed for the next two weekends (it should be open during the week) since I will be selling at a couple of local art shows.

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