Friday, March 5, 2010

Getting Ready for the Show and Being Seen Online!!!!

So over the past few weeks I have been in a weird place. I have spent much of my time trying to get ready for my upcoming show. I have been hurriedly making earring cards, finishing earrings, finishing necklaces, ect. The list goes on and on.

On the other hand, during my creative down times, I have been looking at alternative ways to promote my store. I have spent a lot of my home time with my laptop open on Twitter. I even downloaded Tweetdeck to use at home.

One of my alternative advertising efforts has been writing. In the past week, I have had two article published. The first article was published on, and the second article was published just last night by EzineArticles.

If you would like to read them, you can view them here.

Funny thing, when I visited Ezine, I realized I had four articles I had already published with them. I had remembered two of them, but had forgotten about the other two. Oh well :)

Just a fun saying for the day (since my local Ren Fair will be here soon)

“Do Not Meddle in the Affairs of Dragons, for You are Crunchy and Good With Ketchup” – Unknown Source

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