Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Twitter Tree Wednesday 11-10-2010

Welcome to the Twitter Tree!


Here is a list of three twitter ready items that I would like for you to tweet for me.

You may tweet one or all of them. (And if you would like you may pay it forward by tweeting items in the comment section below)

You post the item(s) you tweeted for me along with your twitter account so I can follow you, and list 1-3 items (clickable links, Twitter Ready please) from any of your online shops that you would like for me to tweet for you. ( No "mature" items, please). Be sure the item is twitter ready. (Please include a description, not just the link)

I will post when I have tweeted for you.

The Twitter Tree will be hosted by a different shop each business day.
Be sure and stop by and be a part of the twitter tree each day. We will promote this way until mid-December and then take a one month break.

Here are my Items of the Day!:                                                                           

A picture that is worth a thousand words @elunajewelry #wwes #etsy #natural

Winter Lights Sparkling in Your Necklace @elunajewelry #wwes #etsy #winter

Small and Simple, can't get better than that @elunajewelry #wwes #etsy #silver


  1. Good Morning! Will start tweeting shortly.
    Here are mine for the day:

    TODAY ONLY: Beige Snowman Coasters: Was $12.00 - Now $9.50

    Indoor/Outdoor Snowman Wall Hanging! Perfect Decoration for the holidays.

    Mini Santa Wreath - for those small spaces:

  2. Good morning!

    Will be tweeting after a cup of coffee :-)

    Mine for today

    Snowmen Ornaments. Set of 4. Package Embellishments
    #CAPSteam #etsy #handmade #CASTteam

    Holly, Christmas Tree Cards
    #CAPSteam #etsy #handmade #CASTteam

    #CAPSteam #etsy #handmade #CASTteam

    Enter Audrey's Giveaway

  3. All tweeted!


    I will go and promote the link to your blog today :-)

  4. I have tweeted you guys. Will be back soon.

  5. Good morning..
    thank you so much..

  6. Hi - I tweeted all three of your items. Here are mine:
    I am @jacquelinejewel

    Striking Blue Kyanite Beaded Necklace, Handmade Jewelry

    Earthy Beaded Pendant Gemstone Handmade

    Handmade Beaded Wine Bottle Topper Home Decor 1

  7. All tweeted thru Jacqueline Gikow


    Come enter Audrey's giveaway on my blog!

  8. Hello tweeted items from everyone. Would love these tweeted!
    Cupcake Post It Note Holder and Magnets:

    Multiple Names Hand Stamped Necklace:

    Alphabet and number magnets:

  9. Tweeted CardsAndNotes' items :-)

    I will check back B/4 church :-)



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