Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Getting Ready For Designers Downtown Market on 3-12-11

I am in the final stages of prepping for my show this weekend. This show is one that I do every year, so I am expecting to see a few familiar faces.

Since I am so into my final prep work, I thought I would give you a peek into what it looks like. These are photos I took of the work I finished Sunday and Yesterday. Enjoy!

I am going to use these cloths pins to hang up my jewelry cards.

Jewelry Cards with Necklaces and Earrings
Jewelry Cards with Necklaces.
Lots of work so far. The large photo in the back is going to be hanging in my tent. Yes that is me in the photo.

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  1. Good luck at the craft show! I hope it kicks off a great season for you!

    -Tiffany with Will Write 4 Food

  2. Looks great! Best of luck at the show!



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