Saturday, April 2, 2011

Birds and Babies! It is Spring

Several years ago I put a bluebird box up on the fence in my back yard. For the first couple of years we had bluebird tenants. Then the pine trees beside the box overgrew the area, and the bluebirds stop making nests in the box.

Over the winter, I cut down several limbs from the pine trees on either side of the box, in the hopes of opening the area back up for the bluebirds.

Last week I took my two year old outside to enjoy a warm early spring day. While we were out there, I decided to check the box. Boy was I glad I did. There was a new nest!  However it was not the pine straw and grass nest I had been looking for. Nor was it the grass and trash nest of a house finch. It was a moss and fur nest!

This is the first time I have ever seen a nest like this. So yesterday, I went back to take these pictures. While I was there I decided to use the camera to take a peek at the inside of the nest. This is what I found.

So maybe you are wondering which bird is in my blue bird box... Well here she is (sorry mommy bird would not let me get her picture, she was to busy fussing me out for disturbing her nest, so I am showing you a picture from earlier this year.)

 That is right. A Chickadee!!! I am so excited.

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