Monday, June 13, 2011

Tweeting your store to increase your Google Rankings?

Is is possible that tweeting your store will help you be found on Google?

The answer is yes.

With the latest update of Google (the Panda update) social networking is factored into your site ranking even more than before. Social networking allows you to create back links that will drive up the "worth" of your page. Especially when more than one person sends out the link as something of interest.

But as always there are tips to making this work.

1. Your tweets need to get out there.
You can just go to twitter and throw out some comments and links. But to get the best results, you need to have a consistent flow of links to your store.  One of the best ways to do this is to join a group that specializes in tweeting its members.

2. Use keywords in your tweet that match your section/listing.
This will help to bump your listing in those keywords.

Lets say I want to advertise my medium copper hoops, I have three choices to use twitter to do this;
a: I can just throw out the link 

b: I can throw out a little description with the link
(Handmade Earrings on Etsy

c. I can use the title (maybe a quick description if there is room) and the link.
(Medium Copper Hoop Earrings on Etsy {that is 100 characters btw}

The last option is really the best option. If you have already optimized your store, the title should be repeated in the listing. So with the tweet, you now have 3 references telling Google that this page is really and truly about "Medium Copper Hoop Earrings" which will help to bring up your ranking for "Medium Copper Hoop Earrings"

Ok one final thought on getting even more back-links for your store. I mentioned earlier about joining a group where the members tweet each other.  If you would like to get even more back-links with that, I would suggest joining a team like the Bluebirds - Twitter Tree.
Unlike some of the twitter threads in Etsy, the Twitter tree posts links onto 5 different blogs. That means that there are 5 different webpages that are pointing back-links to your store. And as much as Google loves to be told you are popular, it really is worth the time to participate in an awesome opportunity like that.


  1. Interesting! I'm still trying to figure so much of this out! =) Thanks for writing this!

    So instead of tweeting say when we list something on Etsy from the Etsy site we need to tweet the whole addy?? Because I think when we use the tweet button etsy it uses one of those short links or somethin =/

    I'm here from the Handmadeology team =) Following you on twitter=GirlsArizona, liked your facebook page and now a GFC follower =)

    Thanks again for the info!

    Arizona Girls Face Book
    Arizona Girls blog

  2. Great post April, I have seen the optimizing in action with my store, and using twitter more wisely just makes sense, that and I am one of the Bluebird Twitter tree hosts, so I really agree with what you said!

    See you at the tree today!

  3. Arizona, you can use the shorter addy (up to the forward slash) to add more keywords to your tweet

    Great post. I'm one of the Etsy Bluebird Twitter team hosts on Tuesday



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