Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Twitter Tree 11/9/2011

The Twitter Tree© will be hosted by a different shop each business day.

NEW Instructions:

You tweet the item(s) for me and all the posts above yours, along with your twitter account so we can follow you, and list 1-2 items (clickable links) from any of your online shops that you would like for all those posting here to tweet for you. No more than two items, please. ( No "mature" items, please). Be sure the item is twitter ready. (See below) Check back throughout the day and tweet all the new items posted from other online shops. Etsy, ArtFire, Zibbet, Bonanzle, ebay, your own website, etc..  Retweet our hashtag during the evening hours. Spread your tweets out so that people will click on the links.

Please add our NEW tag to your tweets.
"#RETWT" This way we can Retweet later in the day, simply by searching the hash tag. We are not using "Bluebird" any longer. Thanks!

Limit of two (2) hashtags
Some hashtags are automatic, and so to explain...
Here's what appears when I click "tweet" on an item:
Knit Lip Balm Lipstick pouch Black | ChristieCottage - Knitting on ArtFire... #handmade #artfire

Here's the acceptable post for this item:
Knit Lip Balm Lipstick pouch Black @ChristieCottage #handmade #artfire #AFPP  #RETWT

By reaching out thru blogger and blog follower's twitter accounts, we will reach a new audience of viewers and hopefully land some sales. After all, we all have our online shops to make sales.

Tweet the blog link hosting the
Twitter Tree© each day to get more participants. If benefits all of us.

Invite your friends!
Today's Tweeting Items:

NEW!!! Red Tiger's Eye Wire Wrapped in Sterling Silver by ElunaJewelry via #Etsy #retwt #shopetsy this Holiday

NEW!! Turquoise Ocean Jasper Wire Wrapped in Sterling by @ElunaJewelry via #Etsy #retwt #shopetsy this Holiday!

Have a great day and see you on the Twitter Tree today! :)


  1. Good morning!

    Melting Snowman Christmas Decoration Winter @christiecottage via @Etsy #handmadebot #retwt

    Doll Hands, Tan, Brown Skin Tone, Porcelain Ceramic, New, Never used
    @christiecottage #retwt

  2. Tweeted yours April.

    Here are Tom's

    Jewelry Holder by tomroche via @Etsy #Handmadebot@piesafetommy

    Paper and Pencil Holder from Solid Cherry Hardwood by tomroche via @Etsy #handmadebot @piesafetommy

    I tweeted his already too.

    Where is the Sales Fairy?

  3. I think the sales fairy - GOT LOST.

    Tweeted through Tom.

    First Snow – Farmhouse – Note card - @waterrox #RETWT

    Lavender, Original Watercolor Pendant @waterrox #RETWT #JEWELRY

  4. I have tweeted Roxanne's and I have both Roxanne's and April's scheduled to retweet this afternoon. Tom's too.


  5. Good morning I hope everyone is great today. My auction ended well on ebay so going to start another one

    Orange and tourquoise polymer clay shawl or scarf pin
    #AFPP #RETWT @crochet18purple
    #RETWT @crochet18purple

  6. Hi,
    My list today:

    Perfect to go with #thanksgiving dinner Polymer Clay Leaf Napkin Holders by Gourdonville via @Etsy #retwt @gourdonville

    Original gift idea-Gourd art Muskoka House The Gourdons of by Gourdonville via @Etsy #retwt #grasshopper @gourdonville



    PS - I will be out of town starting tomorrow - I don't have a cell phone with internet access - so I will be back on the twitter tree on Monday. Have a nice weekend everyone.

  7. tweeted thru Angie have a safe trip

  8. #Gurse #Bag with dirty #laundry #bag, @beautifulswagst @Zibbetlove #retwt #handmadebot #sale prices already reduced

    Go Team Cheer Bow @beautifulswagst @Zibbetlove #retwt #handmadebot #sale prices already reduced

    come read my blog today

  9. Tweeted all.

    I think the sales fairy is still around. I have had two sales in the past 24 hours.

  10. That's great April!

    She must be staying away from Oklahoma with the earthquake and then the tornado yesterday! She's probably scared to come here!


  11. Morning, overslept

    Red glass earrings #AFPP #retwt

    Butterfly earrings #afpp #retwt #jewelrybot

  12. Afternoon all! Here are my tweets!

    1lb White Chocolate Peppermint Bark with Tin shipped for $20! #ibhandmade #AFPP #RETWT @handmadebot @myhandmadetweet

    Adorable Chocolate Snowmen! Great Stocking Stuffers! #ibhandmade #AFPP #RETWT @handmadebot @myhandmadetweet #artfire

  13. Tweeted thru RedRose


    The Sales Fairy blew past! YAY!!! I fainted and fell out of my chair!!!! LOL

  14. I tweeted all the listing and then discovered they were the listings for LAST WEEK. Guess I cllicked on the wrong comments . . .here are mine for today:

    Blue Waves Pendant, Sodalite Blue Bead Necklace @ehane - Jewelry on ArtFire... #artfire #RETWT

    Double Strand Teal Necklace Celtic Knot Beads, Jasper, Crystals @lehane - Jewelry on ArtFire... #artfire #AFPP #RETWT

  15. what sales fairy..she hasn't arrived with her dust here yet.

  16. Tweeted all

    LOL on the old tweets. I tweeted Saturday's Shopping Spree items last night. Just because I thought we could use the extra exposure.

    OK, I ma gone until tonight. Have to pay some bills and then go clean at church.


  17. a little late today

    QT Pie Products on Ebay #retwt #bottle #cap

    Cheerleading Pre Cut 15 Pre Cut Hot Pink Cheerleader Bottle Cap precut 1 inch circle #retwt #bottle #cap

    I have tweeted everyone that is posted.



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