Sunday, January 13, 2013

Flourish & Thrive Academy Laying the Foundation Volume 1

I have been designing jewelry since 2005 and selling jewelry since 2007. Taking the leap from designing in my home to presenting my work for sell was very scary for me. It was like standing in front of a firing squad for me; very nerve racking.

In the past six years I have grown a lot more comfortable in my own skin. Although I still have moments where I am fearful, I am no longer afraid that my designs are not good enough. I know I have a market for my products. But my business is still in a hobby stage. It is self-sustaining, but it is not wildly profitable for me yet.

So why have I not gone further in my business? Why is it still basically a hobby for me?
I think it comes down to efficient planning. I spend a lot of time researching, learning , coming up with to do lists. So much so, that I do not have a lot of time left to follow through by the end of the day.  I would love to have a better background and understanding of techniques that could help me get ahead.

I have trouble moving into a path of action when I do not have a full understanding of a concept. I have always been that way. While that can be a great asset in life, it can also be a great hindrance.

I would love to see my business grow and become truly profitable. I dream of being able to take it to the next level, to see my designs in stores and boutiques. Thus far that is a dream.

I would really like to learn how to find and bring in new clients for my work in the hopes to bring my hobby into a full time business.

Thank you Flourish and Thrive for giving me the courage to create this post!

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