Sunday, March 23, 2014

Birdfeeder Vistors

I have not had much time to post lately. But I do have a special treat for you all today. A little backstory and then the treat.

Where I live, and I suspect most of the continental US, has experienced colder than normal temperatures. So I took pity on my local flocks of birds and decided to begin feeding them. While birds will not become "addicted" to being fed, population studies have revealed that feeding birds during the harsh winter weather can actually increase their ability to survive.

As you can see, I have attracted a few different birds.

But recently I noticed that some of my feeders were on the ground when I would come out in the mornings to refill the feeders. And that my suet would somehow hop off the feeder, onto the ground and regularly be gobbled up. I had my suspicions what was making such a mess, but no way to really prove it.

I mentioned to my parents that I would love to get an idea of what was happening in my backyard at night while I slept. So for my birthday last week, they got me a wildlife camera. This is what I saw:

My suspicions were correct, I had raccoons making a feast at my bird feeders.. But they are not all I have found in my backyard. This one was taken last night, isn't she pretty!

 I hope you all enjoyed the look at my night time bird feeder visitors. Have a great week!


  1. What a great present, a wildlife camera, Racoons always getting into everything. Birds are fun watching while they are feeding, great photos!

  2. Fun post! I'm happy to see that sweet deer was able to get a little snack, too :)


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