Monday, December 1, 2014

New Items and What I Gave Up!

Thanksgiving has just passed and I have had the opportunity to realize how blessed I am this year. My jewelry is reaching homes far and wide, my family is healthy and happy, and I have been given the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.

Four months ago I had gotten to a point with my hair that I had was ready to cut it all off. While I was contemplating cutting my hair, I heard a story on the radio of a lady who had grown her hair out in order to donate it. She donated it to a wonderful charity called "Locks for Love".

If you have never heard of "Locks of Love", they accept donated human hair to create hairpieces for children. Many of these children are dealing with hair loss from conditions like alopecia or the results of hair loss from chemotherapy. If you would like to learn more about their mission, check it out here.

After listening to the story I heard on the radio, I decided that I could put up with the aggravation of overly long hair for a few months longer. After all, I have no use for my hair once it has been cut. Typically it drops to the floor only to get swept into the trash later on.  So why couldn't I offer it as a gift to help out a child who is dealing with hair loss?

It did not cost many anything to grow out my hair. And it cost me the price of postage to donate it. (I am not counting on the cost of the haircut because I was going to have that done anyway.)

Anyway on the 23rd of November, I had my hair cut. And today I shipped the hair out to Locks of Love.

Here are some photos for you to check out the difference.

Before!! Measuring about 14 inches in a ponytail to the tip.

After!! I had 11 inches taken off in a ponytail before they shaped and styled it.

I also mentioned some new designs!!!

At my last few shows I have debuted these hammered silver earrings. And they have been great sellers! So much so that I actually sold out of these at my last show.

I have listed some of these designs in my Etsy store.  Here is a quick photo of some of the designs.

If you would like to see more, please check out my Etsy store for styles and prices!


  1. Your new hairstyle is lovely on you. And, you donated to a great cause.

    Love the new earrings.

  2. Your new hairstyle is lovely on you. And, you donated to a great cause.

    Love the new earrings.


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