Friday, October 2, 2015

Actions That May Be Costing You Money At Craft Shows - Pt 4

Today we will be looking at the number 5 biggest habit that may lose you money at craft shows, based on my recent survey.

The number five money loser: Verbally comparing notes at a show.

Customers do not want to hear us grouse and complain at a show. If you are not making the sales you want and you complain about it at a show, chances are a potential customer may hear you. One of my friends came to visit me at my last show. She remarked to me that she passed another vendors booth, and they were grousing about the lack of sales. Her first thought was, if they are not making any sales, there is no reason for me to look. And she proceeded to pass right by his booth. When you compare notes at a show, you are creating a public dialog that will influence a customer’s decision on whether to purchase from you or not. Your best bet, even if it is your worst show of the year, is to put on a smile and happily go about your business.

This also applies to letting the promoter know about issues you have with the show. Earlier this year I attended a show to look around and scope out the promoter. What I saw were several of the vendors yelling at the promoter for their lack of sales. That was such a turn off, I did not even bother looking at any of the booths. My husband and I both turned and left. If you have issues to discuss with the promoter, take it somewhere customers will not see or hear the problem.


  1. Great tips! I will be in my first show in November and will remember these.

    I don't know if this is in your list to come but I am always drawn to well set-up booths. I think presentation counts just as much as your work. I usually walk past tables that are cluttered.

  2. I'm preparing to do my first arts market in about a week, so this information is so useful and timely. Thanks so much for all the work you did to put this together. I can't wait to see the rest of the list.

    5 o'clock crows

  3. I attended a craft show two years ago where some of the vendors were complaining about the promoter to customers. They were quite rude about it. The sad thing is the promoters were high school students trying to raise money for their class activities and it was their first time doing this type of thing. Sad to say they never did it again. It's too bad because I did purchase from a few crafters there (just not the complainers!).

  4. Agree totally as a shopper, I think this is also true in retail. Thanks for sharing, great advice.

  5. Great tip! I haven't done a craft show yet, but I'm storing these all in my brain for when I do.

  6. I love to read craft show tips to learn from what others have (or haven't) done. I might have my first show in December, so these tips are great information to have! :)

  7. i haven't done any craft shows to date, but have attended many in the past. i couldn't agree with you more. if a booth has an unhappy vibe, i'll walk by.
    it's the laws of attraction, baby. :) wonderful share.

  8. Great tips! I’ve experienced another vendor at my booth complaining all day about her sales. This tends to bring bad energy to your table. Try not to encourage the conversation.


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