Sunday, June 4, 2017

Pale Blue Green Natural Druzy Necklace by ElunaJewelry

95.00 USD

This has to be the most incredibly stunning necklace I have ever crafted. This necklace features a phenomenal pale blue green agate druzy stone. You are not seeing spots. You will find that this unique stone has a speckling of pale grey spots scattered throughout the stone. Those spots create an amazing focal point.

This beautiful stone have been elegantly wrapped in exquisite sterling silver and is suspended by a velvety soft sterling silver snake chain. The sterling silver snake chain has been finely crafted and measures 18 inches in length.

Druzy is sometimes called a stardust stone because the crystals of the stone create a magnificent sparkling effect reminiscent of a twinkling star. This beautiful stone measures 0.82 inches by 0.87 inches.

Spoil yourself today with this museum quality masterpiece!

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