Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Rhodochrosite Spiritual Pendant Necklace for Truth by ElunaJewelry

65.95 USD

Rhodochrosite is a stunning pink and cream stone. The vibration of Rhodochrosite resonates the best with Leos and Scorpios. However, this is a wonderful helper stone for all who wear it.

This Rhodochrosite pendant measures approximately 1.1” long by 0.3” wide. The cabochon is secured in an elegant handmade sterling silver setting and suspended on an 18” sterling silver snake chain.

A stone of selfless love and compassion, Rhodochrosite will help to integrate your physical and spiritual energies. This is an excellent stone for matters of the heart, teaching your heart to understand and learn from painful experiences you have gone through without shutting others out. Rhodochrosite is a stone that helps you face hard truths with loving compassion and awareness. This stone also associates with your higher mind, helping you integrate new information while searching for the truth.

This stone encourages positive attitudes, enhances your creativity and desires. Rhodochrosite helps its wearer to live everyday in the light.

Eluna Jewelry offers affordable handmade gemstone jewelry. The gemstone used in this pendant is cleansed, charged and finally smudged with sacred Nag Champa incense. The smudging releases any negative energy on the stones allowing positive energy to replace it so that the jewelry will be ready to wear.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure and diseases, illness or disease. Please always seek professional medical advice.

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