Thursday, November 5, 2009

Treasures, teeth, and rocks.

I wanted to let you in on some good news. Today (11-05-09) I found out that I have been featured in 5 treasuries. Some of them may be gone by the time your read this, so I have take pictures for you to see.

On a slightly happy/sour note, I just found out that my 15 month old is cutting two of his molars. Happy because he will have more teeth to eat with, sour because teething sucks for a little one! He does not seem to be in alot of pain, but he has been fighting sleep. I guess that is because he has been in pain with no way to really let me know.

Ok on to the Rocks! In an effort to fight the angst from my show last weekend, I took sometime last night to cut some new stones. Here are some pictures of the stones I cut.
This one I have already wrapped. It will be raffled off as part of a fundraiser to raise funds for a needy family. We adopt a needy family and buy christmas gifts for them to try to brighten their holidays. Last year we created cookbooks and raised alot of money. Since we are trying to top last year's fund raiser, we have decided to hold a raffle with handmade items to be raffled off and this one will be on the prize list.


  1. tell, the details of the raffle

  2. Hi Clay.

    The raffle is being done through my work. It is going to be restricted to those who work in the same division I do as a local raffle.

    So far we have my necklace, a pair of my Reversi Hoops, a handmade crocheted afghan, a bottle of secret recipe BBQ sauce, homemade salsa, homemade hummus, handmade window garden, and a handmade crocheted doll as prizes. I think others are also looking at what they might be able to donate. We are hoping to raise lots of funds to help out our adopted family this year. Here is hoping :)

  3. What a great idea for a fundraiser and a super nice thing to do!

  4. 5 treasuries is amazing! Way to go!!!

  5. That's great! Love the new stones!

  6. I think I found you from looking at a Treasury! Congrats on being featured in so many! Happy Thanksgiving, also.


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