Thursday, December 16, 2010

Automatically Post Your Etsy or Artfire Listings to Your Facebook Fanpage

I have been struggling with updating my Facebook fanpage for a while. I was hoping to find a way to automatically update my fanpage with the RSS feeds from my Etsy store and my blog.

I have tried several methods to update my fanpage, and I think I have finally found one that I like.

I tried Facebook notes. However this method only allows you to update your page with one RSS feed. On top of that, this application has not worked correctly for several months.

I also tried For most RSS feeds this methods should work.You can set up multiple sources to feed into one desinination, incluing Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google buzz, Myspace, and more.
It automatically creates a shared link with images and summary information on our fanpage. Unfortunately it does not work well with Etsy. My images would not pull correctly, so my new listings would be posted without an image, or with a Paypal/credit card image. Nope that is not what I wanted.

So I began looking for other options. I noticed that Craft Magazine was using RSS Graffiti to update their listings, so I looked into it. RSS Graffiti allows you to pull multiple RSS feeds into your Facebook fanpage. It also has the really cool feature of allowing you to designate RSS feeds for different fanpages. So if you manage more than on Facebook fanpage, you can update them all with RSS Graffiti.

So I bet you are wondering if it works with listings from Etsy? I just listed a new pair of earrings on Etsy, and then went to check on my FB. I noticed in my News feed, a new update from my Fanpage. Yes it was correct and included the correct photos.

RSS Graffiti is an application available on Facebook. Simply go to their Facebook page and begin using the application. You can find their page here.

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