Friday, January 28, 2011

Ok What is going on?

Normally I do not post like this, but I have to ask what is going on over at Esty? It seems like all the viable methods of being found by new users are being removed from the system; forums, alchemy, showcases (being pruned), most new listings showing up on the front page, ect.

I wonder if that means that Etsy is not planning on providing any promotional support for its sellers?

I have noticed that although Etsy is still growing in size and sales, according to auctionbytes, the rate of growth is dropping.  You can view that information here:

I am trying to remain positive and hope that the final game plan is just something that I can not see. But like many, I am afraid I can see it and it is not good.

So in an effort to help create a promotional presence for those who are on Etsy and feeling lost, I have created a new blog: Fresh Handmade Picks.

Each day this blog will update with new (or renewed) listings from several Etsy shops. I have created an automated feed, so I do not choose what gets listed. There are still a few bugs I am working out of the system, but please feel free to stop in and check it out. Also please feel free to let me know what you think of this promo idea.


  1. Good idea! Sometimes we have to take care of ourselves rather than depend on etsy!

  2. Your post on the promotions page caught my eye. Just wanted to say hello and to drop by. ;-)

    Follow you, follow me, best of luck there may be.

  3. I noticed the same with etsy and so I'm starting to transfer to artfire. I've noticed that in only the 8 days I've been there I've had way more views that my etsy site ever gets.


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