Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Twitter Tree Wednesday 1-19-2011

This wonderful idea was started by ChristieCottage and has already brought in sales and promotional opportunities to those involved.  Remember “A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds. Francis Bacon. ”  I saw that quote posted on Twitter and it seems to fit the idea, so let us create more opportunities to be seen.
The Twitter Tree will be hosted by a different shop each business day.

Here are the 3 items that I would like tweeted today:
twitter account: elunajewelry

Awesome! Hoop Earrings with a secret! @elunajewelry in silver #esty #handmade #bluebird 


Twirly Whirly Earrings in sterling silver @elunajewelry #etsy #bluebird #handmade

Recycle in Fashion with these upcycled Stained Glass Earrings  @elunajewelry #etsy #bluebird #blue #handmade

 If you follow me on twitter - please let me know. I don't follow everyone back if I don't know who they are :)
The Twitter Tree Instructions:
You post the item(s) you tweeted for me along with your twitter account so I can follow you, and list 1-3 items (clickable links, Twitter Ready please) from any of your online shops that you would like for me to tweet for you. ( No "mature" items, please). Be sure the item is twitter ready. (Please include a description, not just the link and any #hashtags you would like to use.) 

Check back throughout the day to tweet the other items listed in the comments. To make life simpler for all those tweeting, please add the hashtag #bluebird to your links. This way it will be easier to re-tweet later in the day. Also if you add the #bluebird hashtag to your items, it will give you a random chance to be featured in the #bluebird daily twitter paper. 

By reaching out through our blog and twitter network, we hope to increase promotion for all our stores and hope to gain a new audience and possibly some sales. 

Hope you have a wonderful day and see you in tweetland.


  1. Good morning! My twitter is FirstLightGlass.

    Sunny Yellow Flower - Fused Glass Dish - Handmade #bluebird

    Red Tea Light Candle Holder - Fused Glass - Handmade #bluebird #etsy

    Black Eyed Susan Original Painting #bluebird #landscape #etsy

    Thank you!

  2. Good morning, I am having some serious back pain and cannot sleep, so I might as well get hopping to the tree!

    Just listed soft white baby blanket: #etsybot #bluebird

    This would be great in your home: #etsybot #bluebird

    Natural bamboo hat for a baby girl: #etsybot #bluebird

    Thanks and I will be back to tweet more of you :)

  3. Sorry you don't feel well today SweetyBird.

  4. Thanks First Light Glass :) I am getting better, since the meds are kicking in !!!!!!

  5. I just realized that I was supposed to post pics of the tweet items yesterday on my blog! DUH! Maybe I will remember next tuesday.

    Will tweet everyone's and check back later.
    Here are mine for the day:

    Spring Fling Magnets #bluebird

    Orange Spring Time Flowers Coaster #bluebird

    Magnets for the Chocolate Lover: #bluebird

  6. I've caught up through Audrey.
    Watercolor, Glass Tile Pendant - Red Wave.
    # Bluebird

    Girafee watercolor print #Bluebird

    3 note cards - Florals 5 x 7 watercolor

  7. Good morning!

    Mine for the day

    Apron #CAPSteam #Bluebird #etsybot

    Half price clutch #CAPSteam #Bluebird #etsybot

    Journal #CAPSteam #Bluebird #Etsybot

    I will start tweeting <><

  8. Good morning everyone is tweeted
    I hope you feel better Sweety

    here are mine

    Pink and black digital sheets you print
    by crochet18purple #Bluebird

    4 colors of a tulip digital sheets
    by crochet18purple on @Etsy #Bluebird

    Antique lavender embossed polymer clay button by
    crochet18purple #Bluebird

  9. Caught up through Christie - starting on Debbie.

  10. Have tweeted

    Thank you so very much.

  11. Thanks for all the well wishes, I am trying to make it to the pool for my water exercise and I will just walk I think, my husband calls it "baby back" (I have been holding a baby a lot lately)
    Oh I have tweeted through P and P :)

  12. Tweeted through P and P.

    Bluebird Tweet Treasury....

  13.'s my items!

    Newest item in the shop! #bluebird #etsybot

    Blowing out at half price! #etsybot #bluebird

    Variety pack #bluebird #etsybot

  14. I'm following eluna and tweeted her items
    I'm @lindab142

    My items are

    Item of the Day Purple Angel Cats Eye #Earrings #bluebird

    St. Pat's Green #Malachite #Earrings #etsybot #bluebird

    Black onyx #earrings #bluebird

  15. I just started this week, could you guys please post your twitter accounts so I can follow you?

    #bluebird is a locked account, should I request to follow?

  16. Twitter these for Gifts to Remember by Oursj please:

    Black and Silver Circle tags: #bluebird

    Purple Kids Apron: #bluebird

    Sunny Day Earrings: #bluebird

  17. All tweeted thru Linda. I also sent Linda an invite for "bluebird" team


  18. what a great idea! i tweeted Recycle in Fashion with these upcycled Stained Glass Earrings

    I am

    NY Jets #football #golf club cover by @traceyknits on #etsy #bluebird

    a real cheesehead! Greenbay Packers half and half winter hat by @traceyknits on #etsy #football #bluebird

    Pittsburgh Steelers #football helmet winter hat by @traceyknits on #etsy #bluebird

  19. My twitter account:!/audreyscrafts

    tweeted till here!

  20. Tweeted the above:

    My Mother Pendant:

    alphabet magnets:

    Cute planner or wedding guestbook:

  21. Good Morning (my morning. LOL I just love me some insomnia)

    Heres My links for today. And off the start Tweeting.

    Brand New Natured Inspired Rust Treasury - #bluebird #etsybot #handmade

    The World of Afterlife Rejects Blog:
    htpp:// #handmade #etsybot #bluebird

    OOAK Strange Dolls - Boys and Girls - #etsy #handmade #bluebird #etsybot

  22. just checking in. Hope everyone is having a great day. Can you please tweet these items for me today?

    Celtic earrings with yellow bead #bluebird

    Blueberry shell bead dangles #bluebird

    Silver pearl vine earrings #bluebird

    Thanks so much!
    Carolyn from

  23. Thought I'd get creative and tweet UP the tree today so I've tweeted everything from my shop through P&P. Will tweet the first shops later (so those on later in the evening will get to see those tweets.)

    Gotta get home before the massive snow storm hits. YEA!!! SNOW!!!!

  24. I'm a bit late today.. here are mine #bluebird #bluebird #bluebird

  25. Ok caught back up
    Everyone is tweeted and 1 item from each person is listed in the thread.

  26. Here is my twitter account Linda B:!/sweetybirdo9

  27. all tweeted :) Hope you all get some great traffic today!

    Carolyn from

  28. off to twitter

    here are mine
    Digital Love floral note cards you print
    by crochet18purple #Bluebird #Etsybot

    Digital floral note cards with poem by Emily
    by crochet18purple #Bluebird #Etsybot

    Pink and black digital sheets you print
    by crochet18purple #Bluebird #etsybot


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