Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NEW Jewelry!

I worked to create some new earrings over the weekend and I wanted to share three of them with you today.

If you have seen my work in the past, you know I love working with my cut stones. Back around my birthday, in March, my husband and I spent a romantic week in the mountains of NC.

While we were there, we spent one afternoon mining. During that afternoon, I found a handful of beautiful Emeralds. One of which I cut to create these gorgeous Emerald Earrings!

 These cabochons are hand cut, then wrapped in 0.925 sterling silver wire. They would make an awesome one of a kind gift!   http://www.etsy.com/listing/78444001/emerald-cabochon-wire-wrapped-earrings

Next we have a new design featuring sterling silver coins and crystals. Both of these are currently available through my Etsy store! 


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  1. Oh my gosh those are soooooo beautiful!

    I love green so you got me with these!

    Thanks for sharing April :)


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