Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Twitter Tree 7/13/2011

Hi guys! It is Wednesday again. Time for the Twitter Tree.

Bluebird - Twitter Tree©  

Here's our Team info

We are currently working to achieve a greater participation in our Twitter Tree each business day. 

ChristieCottage started this idea last year It was so effective, it immediately got copied. Even though the idea has been copied, we have decided to continue the  Twitter Tree© because HERE you can promote items from ANY of your online venues.  Plus by posting links on the blogs, this method provides effective offsite back links to boost the SEO of our stores! What a great advantage that is!

The Twitter Tree© will be hosted by a different shop each business day.

Be sure and stop by and be a part of the twitter tree each day.


You tweet the item(s) for me and all the posts above yours, add your twitter account so we can follow you, and list 1-3 items (clickable links) from any of your online shops that you would like for all those posting here to tweet for you. ( No "mature" items, please). Be sure the item is twitter ready. (See below) Check back throughout the day and tweet all the new items posted from other online shops. Etsy, ArtFire, Zibbet, Bonanzle, ebay, your own website, etc.. 

Please add this tag to your tweets. " #BlueBird" 
This way we can Retweet later in the day, simply by searching the tag.  Thanks!

Here are my items for today - I'm @elunajewelry

By reaching out thru blogger and blog follower's twitter accounts, we will reach a new audience of viewers and hopefully land some sales. After all, we all have our online shops to make sales.



  1. Good morning!

    Bouquet card #bluebird #CAPSTeam #byhandbot

    Lady Bug #Bluebird #CAPSTeam #byhandbot

    Just for Mom #Bluebird #CAPSTeam #byhandbot

    Thanks Eluna for being a part of this promotional tool! I appreciate you! <><

  2. New giveaway from Joyce at SweetyBird09

    Please stop by and enter! <><

  3. Hi fellow bloggers, here are my items for today:

    Knit baby blanket plush yarn, pink #bluebird #handmadebot

    Knit afghan, multi purple color #bluebird #handmadebot

    Knit baby blanket, crib size,blues&browns #bluebird #handmadebot

    Off to tweet now

  4. Good morning all.

    Victorian style, watercolor painting pendant -
    #Bluebird #Handmadebot

    Manatee note card – Mother’s Love - #Handmadebot

    Black & White Watercolor pendant #Bluebird #Handmadebot


  5. Everyone is tweeted and/or scheduled to tweet thru watercolors


  6. Posting here For Tom

    Tick Tock #Bluebird #Handmadebot

    Charged up #Bluebird #Handmadebot

    Hey cupcake #Bluebird #Handmadebot

  7. All above tweeted. Here are mine:

    These could be the nicest cloths you'll ever see. #bluebird #handmadebot

    Cotton Turban Plum and Teal #bluebird #handmadebot

    Maybe the nicest facecloth and bag set you'll ever see #bluebird #handmadebot

    Thank you. ♥Patti

  8. Here are my items

    Hand knit dishcloth Arizona State #bluebird #handmadebot #artfire

    Hand knit ecru dishcloth rooster #handmadebot #bluebird #artfire

    hand knit fashion scarf #bluebird #handmadebot #artfire

    Scheduling tweets through P and P and will catch up with yesterday's (thunder storms forced shut down! But I loved all the rain!)

  9. Holly Posting for Sharon (hollyknitter) hoping her url will show as commenter.

    Handmade Yellow Rubber Duck Cloth and Book Gift Set #bluebird #handmadebot #artfire

    Apple Kitchen Towel with Hand Knit Topper #bluebird #handmadebot #artfire

    Handmade Little Garden Girl Cloth #bluebird #handmadebot #artfire

    scheduling her tweets with mine. We'll check back later for more!!

  10. hot-pink-white-lotus-flower-gem-bling #djoy #bluebird #etsybows @etsy @etsybot2

    sale- #bluebird #djoy @artfire #handmadebot #cijs2011 #jmas

    melodie the music fairy @zibbet #read #write #bluebird #djoy

    tweeting everybody through mine

  11. Tweeted through beautifulswag:

    BBL to tweet more, going out for a while!

  12. rt'd everyone's stuff happy sales fairy..please come


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