Monday, February 20, 2012

From Lost to Found

Almost two years ago, I went through a very traumatic emotional event. I shared this event with my family, and inner circle of friends and set about to heal from it.

So with the anniversary approaching, it can as no surprise to anyone when I began to have trouble sleeping and feeling even more depressed. And normally that would be the end of the story, that I just needed more time to heal.

But a few weeks ago on a Saturday, I woke up from a full night's sleep only to lay down and sleep another four and half hours. And when I woke up after that,  I still felt like I had not slept. It scared me badly. 

I had also noticed other issues; depression, mood swings, a lack of motivation, and the most scary a constant brain fog. The brain fog was so bad, that I had someone ask me where the drink machine was at work. And even though I was staring right at it, I could not figure out where it was. I was terrified.

So I contacted my primary care physchian and asked for help. After reviewing my issues, we decided to check my bloodwork. She took labs for thyroid, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iron, and Vitamin A (my request).

At this point, I made the assumption that I probably had a sleep disorder. I waited impaitienly for the results to come back, knowing I would need that before I could schedule a sleep test.

So last Thursday, I went in for my follow up appointment. And to my surprise, my bloodwork had revealed an issue, three to be exact. It turns out that my B12 was low, as was my iron and my vitamin D.

So to begin to correct these issues, I was given a b12 shot. I was also instructed to take some iron and viatmin D supplements.

The next day, I started noticing the effects this shot was having on me. I felt happy, giddy, and had a small burst of energy. Plus the brain fog had lifted. Much like the energy I felt two days after giving birth, the burst was short lived. But I have been sleeping, and feeling all together better.

I know that I have not been fully around lately. I am hoping that as time goes on, I will get better and all of my symptoms will disappear.

More than anything, I am very thankful that now I know why I have been so out of it for so long.

Thank you for your support.


  1. I am so glad they found what it was and that it is totally treatable and that you are seeing improvements!


  2. Eluna, so glad you're getting supplements for these issues. I have a few similar things, no energy, Vitamin D deficient.

    Hope you get better everydat

  3. Eluna, I'm glad you are feeling better and hope you continue to improve everyday!


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