Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Twitter Tree 2-1-12

The Twitter Tree© will be hosted by a different shop each business day.

NEW Instructions:

You tweet the item(s) for me and all the posts above yours, along with your twitter account so we can follow you, and list 1-2 items (clickable links) from any of your online shops that you would like for all those posting here to tweet for you. No more than two items, please. ( No "mature" items, please). Be sure the item is twitter ready. (See below) Check back throughout the day and tweet all the new items posted from other online shops. Etsy, ArtFire, Zibbet, Bonanzle, ebay, your own website, etc..  Retweet our hashtag during the evening hours. Spread your tweets out so that people will click on the links.

Please add our NEW tag to your tweets.
"#RETWT" This way we can Retweet later in the day, simply by searching the hash tag. We are not using "Bluebird" any longer. Thanks!

Limit of two (2) hashtags
Some hashtags are automatic, and so to explain...
Here's what appears when I click "tweet" on an item:
Knit Lip Balm Lipstick pouch Black | ChristieCottage - Knitting on ArtFire... #handmade #artfire

Here's the acceptable post for this item:
Knit Lip Balm Lipstick pouch Black @ChristieCottage #handmade #artfire #AFPP  #RETWT

By reaching out thru blogger and blog follower's twitter accounts, we will reach a new audience of viewers and hopefully land some sales. After all, we all have our online shops to make sales.

Tweet the blog link hosting the
Twitter Tree© each day to get more participants. If benefits all of us.

Invite your friends!
Today's Tweeting Items:

Amazing! Blue and Gold Tiger Eye Bracelet by ElunaJewelry via @Etsy #retwt #handmadebot

A handmade Favorite!! Lightweight Small Silver Hoop Earrings Sterling by @ElunaJewelry via @Etsy #retwt #shopetsy

Have a great day and see you on the Twitter Tree today! :)


  1. Good morning!

    SALE Kiss Me Fused Glass Pendant - So Cute for Valentine's Day by @FirstLightGlass via @Etsy #retwt #valentine

    SALE Be Mine Fused Glass Pendant for Valentine's Day by @FirstLightGlass via @Etsy #retwt #valentine

    Thank you!

  2. Red #Valentines glass pendant @lindab142 #retwt @ibhandmade

    Red Swarovski #valentine love earrings @lindab142 #retwt @shopetsy @jewelrybot

  3. Good morning

    #Pandora Style #Bracelet @ChristieCottage via @Etsy #retwt

    Raina. Original Acrylic Painting. 16 x 20
    @artfire @christiecottage #retwt


  4. Tom's

    Mini OWL Cutting Board by tomroche via @Etsy @piesafetommy #retwt

    MINI Penguin Cheese Board by tomroche via @Etsy @piesafetommy #retwt

  5. Here are mine:

    Necklace Purple Heart Violet Flowers Green Beads Polymer Clay Strand bluemorningexpressions #handmadebot #retwt

    Once In a Blu Moon Lampwork Glass Beaded Necklace by bluemorningexpressions
    #handmadebot #retwt

    Will tweet all three times each today

  6. Pfff...I tweeted the wrong day. So here are mine :) #retwt #handmadec #retwt #handmadec

    I will tweet everyone above me for TODAY February 1st...oh my!

  7. Tweeted thru Jacki.

    Ocean View note card #RETWT @waterrox

    Sheep – Over the Hill - Original Watercolor Painting #RETWT @waterrox #ART

  8. good morning

    Set of 9 bugs digital sheet you print by crochet18purple via @Etsy
    @crochet18purple #RETWT

    And then there were more frogs digital sheet 2 by crochet18purple via @Etsy
    @crochet18purple #RETWT

  9. My list today:

    Do you like #Wedgewood china? Unique style Gourd Purse by Gourdonville via @Etsy #retwt @gourdonville

    #Gourd art- A clay bug lives inside this Sage House The Gourdons by Gourdonville via @Etsy #retwt @gourdonville

    I will tweet later today - have to leave right now.

  10. Good Morning.I have tweeted up to Tom.Here are my listings:

    Copper Celtic Tree of Life Earrings Handmade by dragonflyridge via @Etsy #afpt #retwt

    Copper Celtic Druid Tree of Life Cord Necklace by dragonflyridge via @Etsy #valentine #RETWT

    Tweeting everyone 3 times throughout the day.I hope everyone has a sale today xo

  11. I have tweeted thru ANgie's

    Also, wanted to thank those of you who tweeted my items yesterday :-)


  12. Funny thing but I posted my listings earlier but they vanished! Sup with that?

    Good Morning.Here are my listings:

    Copper Celtic Tree of Life Earrings Handmade by dragonflyridge via @Etsy #afpt #retwt

    Copper Celtic Druid Tree of Life Cord Necklace by dragonflyridge via @Etsy #valentine #RETWT

    I hope everyone has a sale today xo

  13. Good morning all. Here are my Tweets:

    Valentine's Day Auction with great items at great prices #retwt #Valentine @IBHNetwork @HandmadeBot @MyHandmadeTweet

    Romantic Chocolate Covered Heart Topped Oreo @Artfire @IBHNetwork #retwt @HandmadeBot @MyHandmadeTweet #valentine

  14. Scheduled tweets through Rose - may everyone be so busy with sales today!!

  15. dragonfly,

    for some reason blogger thought your comment was spam and put it in my spam filter.

    I pulled it out of spam. Hoping it does not happen again.

  16. I have tweeted those that tweeted my items.


  17. Thanks Eluna (that is sucha pretty name) xo

  18. Good Morning!

    My two are below. Cat Treats and Dog Treat items today.

    Im only getting a couple retweets a day. Any idea why??

    Dog Treat Super MinisPumpkin Apple Carrot by TrueTreatsPetBakery via @Etsy #retwt #handmadebot #pet #dogs

    Cat Treats AllNatural Gourmet Pumpkin & by TrueTreatsPetBakery via @Etsy #retwt #handmadebot #pets #cats #valentinesday

  19. tweeted and google + the entire list:

    Here are mine for today:

    Pumpkin Spiders Hair Pins @beautifulswagst #Zibbet #handmadebot #teamsellit #retwt 30% off sale

    He-man She-man Reverisible Camoflauge Coaster Set of 8 @beautifulswagst #Zibbet #retwt #teamsellit #handmadebot 30% off


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