Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Promoting through Twitter Tree

The Twitter Tree© will be hosted by a different shop each business day.


  •          Only 2 Items per person
  •          Each Tweet must contain the hashtag #retwt
  •          Only 1 other Hashtag may be used.
  •          Please include a brief description of your item in the tweet. 
  •    Keep your Tweet under 140 Characters (including spaces).
  •          No Mature Items
  •          Tweet Everyone’s listings. (It is not fair to others if you do not fully participate. Team Leaders do watch who is tweeting and who is not.)

Limit of two (2) hashtags

Here's an acceptable example post
Knit Lip Balm Lipstick pouch Black @ChristieCottage  handmade  artfire http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/3935206 #AFPP  #RETWT

Invite your friends!
Something I would like to remind everyone. Please tweet the other shops in the tree. It is not fair to be tweeted without returning the favor. The more people that are tweeting, the more exposure for all!
Speaking of exposure. Did you know that you are creating back links to your items by posting in the twitter tree. You get a link from the blog and you also get back links when someone tweet, FB, Google+, RebelMouse, and uses other social media to promote your items. The more back links you get, the more relevant  your items are to Google.   Something to keep in mind.
Today's Tweeting Items:

Hypoallergenic Picasso Jasper Stone Bracelet by @ElunaJewelry http://etsy.me/LAOhUn via @Etsy #retwt #madeInUSA


Great for a June Wedding! Pearl Earrings  Silver Daisy Flower and Pearl by @ElunaJewelry http://etsy.me/LzWkRx via @Etsy #retwt #Wedding


  1. Good morning! EMail sent out

    Sock Monkey Coaster Set Hand Painted 001 @ChristieCottage http://etsy.me/Lp45Ds via @Etsy #HandmadeBot

    Beads Handmade http://christiecottage.blogspot.com/2012/06/widget-wednesday-ebay-items_27.html #retwt

  2. Morning to you all! I tweeted everyone on the Twitter Tree Tuesday today :)

    Here is mine for today

    NEW! Bright Cheery Chevron Arrows Braided Friendship Bracelet http://etsy.me/Lniikd via @Etsy #retwt #handmadebot

    Cute Baby Scarf guaranteed to stay put! by @beausbitsandbob
    http://tinyurl.com/c93weuz #retwt #handmadebot

  3. Here are mine for today.

    78 Tiny Repurposed Tabby Cat colored Buttons #craftsupply by ButterflyInTheAttic2 http://etsy.me/Ls4vsH via @Etsy @butterflysattic #retwt

    72 Repurposed Watermelon colored Buttons #craftsupply by ButterflyInTheAttic2 http://etsy.me/Ls2Gfw via @Etsy @butterflysattic #retwt

    Off to tweet!

  4. caught up and scheduled everyone a few times throughout the day. BBL

    Blessings and happy sales to all my shop buddies!


  5. Tweeted all so far.

    Going to be offline for a few hours. I will tweet all when I return.

    Also I am planning to scheduled some tweets for 3am tomorrow (Eastern time) so hopefully you guys will see some views there.

  6. Good morning. Sun is shining again. Out to work in the garden and then will check back to see who else has joined us on this fine day.

    Any crafters out there? Hot Iron Transfers Aunt Marthas 3339 by GotMilkGlassAndMore http://etsy.me/zQfJan via @Etsy #retwt

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Really! Vintage Currier and Ives Tray GotMilkGlassAndMore http://etsy.me/oEUqmR via @Etsy #retwt

  7. Good Morning

    Here are mine for the day:

    Bead Kit Eyeglass Leash Polymer Clay Striped by polymerclaybeads http://etsy.me/KfOFn1 via @Etsy #retwt #handmadebot

    Peyote Beaded Bracelets Pattern Book Bead by polymerclaybeads http://etsy.me/KuiT5H via @Etsy #retwt #handmadebot

    Happy sales to all
    Julie and Blu

  8. Good Wednesday morning! Here are my two for the day:

    Beautiful Southwest style #turquoise nuggets & sterling #handmade necklace! http://bit.ly/pPhHTU @ShadowDogDesign #retwt

    Keep your Chakras aligned w/ these Swarovski cluster earrings! http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/4020011 @ShadowDogDesign #retwt #handmade

    Off to tweet!

  9. Scheduled and retweeted the first item. Will be back in a bit to do the second ones and to pick up any new shares.

  10. Tweeted and scheduled all so far.

  11. Everyone has been tweeted and scheduled.

  12. tweeted set up rts; signed up for rebelmouse. waiting for invite

    Red White blue Flower Fascinator Headband ~MADE IN USA PATRIOTIC WEAR~ http://ow.ly/bRV9q #retwt #teamsellit @beautifulswagst

    black-pink-white-fabric-flower ~MADE IN USA TWEEN SKULL WEAR~ http://ow.ly/bRVrb #retwt #teamsellit @beautifulswagst

  13. I tweeted swags straight from her tweets by RT


  14. tweeted swag.

    I signed up to rebelmouse the other day as I saw I had hits from there in my etsy stats...but i still dont really know what it does! HAH!

  15. Little late getting back. Tweeted and scheduled Beautiful Swag. Signed up for RebelMouse a week or so ago because I was getting LOTS of views from it. Afraid I don't understand exactly what it does. It sure looks nice, though, but I'd like to know exactly who/where the views are coming from there.

  16. I never heard of it Shadow Dog. There are so many new things out and I have always been game to try things but it seems like some are just such a waste of time. I tried the TopHatter Auction last Sat even swapped days off to be home for it. I worked hours promoting it just to get in. Spent hours on Saturday. I made (guess how much!).... $11.00 and they took $2 of it right off the top :P Totally Totally wasted my entire Sat morning and more plus I was out money. I am going to be so much more careful from now on. I would shop there but never again will I try to sell there. Oh well Maybe it is just what I am selling that was the problem.

    Let me know if you figure it out because I am curious and I always feel like I am missing something if I don't at least try (hense the Tophatter thing) but I am going to try to be more selective.

    Tweeted everyone that wasn't scheduled by the way.

    Have a wonderful night everyone


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