Thursday, September 13, 2012

Still working on that booth.....

So I have spent a lot of time re-designing and testing my booth this year. And now I am on the third incarnation of my craft booth for the year.

Here is a quick photo of what I started with.

And in June I decided to try to add more oomph to my setup, since the first was not pulling in customers like I wanted. So I went brighter and more teal!!!

This was still not what I was looking for. Many people did take notice of my booth. But I think that the color was so overwhelming that some customers were hesitant to enter. Also my peg boards did not work as well as I had envisioned. But the mirrors that I had everywhere were a great addition.

So I have subdued the teal some. I looked back at my old booths and found the ones I made the best sales with. Then I drew from those booths as inspiration to create a new look.

Also in the top teal booth pictures, the booth to the left of me had an awesome setup with their tables. A Z shaped setup.  I thought it was a great was to maximize space and fill the booth. So I decided to incorporate it as well in my new setup. My Z-setup is created using a 4 foot table, a 6 foot table, and then a 5 foot table. All together it should be about 9 foot wide and about 8-9 foot deep. This leave a little room to move things around, but it also gives a 6 foot opening for the booth. As well as that first table draw.

Please forgive these pictures, they were taken when we were designing the new setup in my living room (or should I say my son's toy room :P)

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