Monday, October 29, 2012

Awesome Idea in Booth Design

So have you ever struggled to get your hardware and table placement just right in your booth? We all want to maximize space, but also allow plenty of room for our customers to be able to move in our booth.

Well a couple of months ago, a co-worker showed me this website she was using to design her son's college bedroom room. She was trying to get everything to fit into his room.

Upon seeing this site in action, I thought I would try it for my booth design.

The site is  You can design rooms, houses, offices, ect. It is somewhat limited, like I can not put items up on furniture. But it can allow you to look at the space and create a setup in miniture.

The other limitation is, unless you want to buy the pro plan, you can only create and use one project.

So here are a couple of designs for my booth. I am using this to mainly look at table placement.

Z Shape (4ft, 6ft, 5ft)

Z Shape (4ft, 6ft, 4ft)

L Shape (6ft, 4ft, 4ft)

U Shape (6ft, 4ft, 5ft)

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