Monday, November 19, 2012

I changed my earring cards!!!

I changed my earring cards.

Before I had a multitude of different cards. I used a different design for each type of earrings; hoops, stained glass, sterling silver, and general earrings. Here is a look at two of the cards I had been using.

I ordered new cards to create a more consistent look for my earrings. I chose two different cards. Both look the same, but there are two titles. One says "Reverse Hoop Earrings" and the other says "Artisan Earrings". I wanted to separate the reverse hoops, because I added instructions to the back of those cards.

 I think the new cards allow my earrings to stand out better than my old earring cards did.  Here is a visual comparison for you. 

Since I began doing craft shows, I have found that my customers really appreciate having the prices on each individual piece.  Many people do not feel comfortable asking for a price. So to that effort, I try to ensure that each piece has a price tag. (although there always seems to be one piece that escapes me at each show, but I guess that is life)

This show, I decided to expand on that. I chose to add a tag stating the earring hook's metal to each card. I created these tags buy printing the label on clear mailing labels.  I used 5 point font and was able to get 8 tags per label.

I cut each one and then put the label on to my earring cards. I really like how they turned out.

My customers really seemed to appreciate this. I hope you appreciated this blog post too!

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