Friday, October 25, 2013

RUYHS and Life Update

I am still taking the Ramp up you Holiday Sales class. As I have mentioned before, this class has encouraged me to reach out to magazines and blogs for press. This week I am pleased to announce that I have made contact with both a local magazine and a mommy blog. They both want to run a story on my work. :) YAY!! I also have applied for four local craft shows between today and the 15th of December. I have been accepted by 3 of the 4. The 4th show I am still waiting to hear back from as they have not listed their accepted vendors yet. The last show I applied to (the show that is being held next weekend) was really a surprise show for me. I was contacted by one of the local arts councils and told about this show. So I applied, and heard back a few days ago that I got accepted! Very Excited about all my upcoming shows. Back to RUYHS. Well I am still staying my affirmations in the morning on the way to work. And I am seeing a lot of positive doors opening to me. It will be fun to watch this trend continue. In other news. Yesterday was not a very good day for me. Right after dropping my son off at school yesterday morning, I realized I had a missed call from my husband. Not a good sign that early in the morning! He was involved in a bad car accident yesterday morning. His car was totaled. Thankfully he was not seriously injured. So that is just a brief update. Hope your day is great.

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  1. I hope all this work turns into profit for you!



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