Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Twitter Tree 10-9-2013

The Twitter Tree© will be hosted by a different shop M-W-F.

  • Only 2 Items per person
  • Each Tweet must contain the hashtag: #CCFRNDS
  • Only 1 other Hashtag may be used.
  • Please include a brief description of your item in the tweet.
  • Keep your Tweet under 140 Characters (including spaces).
  • No Mature Items
  • Tweet Everyone’s listings. (It is not fair to others if you do not fully participate. Team Leaders do watch who is tweeting and who is not.)

Limit of two (2) hashtags.

Today's Tweeting Items Are:    

#ItemOfTheWeek! 25% off! Large Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings by ElunaJewelry #CCFRNDS #jewelry


Check it out: Brown and Turquoise Bead Bracelet, #Hypoallergenic | ElunaJewelry #ArtFire #CCFRNDS






  1. Dangly Peridot Swarovski #earrings @lindab142 #ccfrnds

    Ruby red Swarovski #earrings @lindab142 #ccfrnds

  2. Good morning!

    Here are mine

    Fingerless Gloves #ItemOfTheWeek SALE @ChristieCottage #CCFRNDS

    Check it out: Crocheted Rag Rug, Oval, 32 x 15 Recycled fabric Handmade @ChristieCottage #CCFRNDS #ArtFire


  3. Fun Spiderweb glass tile watercolor pendant necklace Halloween theme #CCFRNDS @waterrox

    Magnolia Gold 11x15 Original watercolor painting. Great for the season #CCFRNDS @waterrox

    This is one of my busy days,will catch up when I get home.

    Thanks all.

  4. Good morning!

    Item of the Week SALE! Butterfly Jewelry Fused Glass Pendant by @FirstLightGlass via @Etsy #ccfrnds


  5. Caught up. Will check back this afternoon.

  6. Good morning! Here are my two for today:

    Such a whimsical necklace w/ a #horse, bird & star pewter pendant! @ShadowDogDesign #ccfrnds

    There is color aplenty in this African bone beaded & silver #necklace! @ShadowDogDesign #ccfrnds

    Thanks, everyone. Tweeting scheduling now.

  7. Here are mine:

    Pearls and Shells for your Beading Needs #jewelrysupplies #CCFRNDS

    Artisan Crafted Sterling Turquoise Bear Fetish #Pendant @dianesdangles #CCFRNDS

  8. Tweeted will check back tonight and tweet again.

  9. Everyone has been tweeted this morning and scheduled again for this afternoon. Happy Wednesday to all and thank you for the fab promo! Will check back later.

  10. Good morning - a little late this morning. Tweeted all so far!
    My Wed tweets:
    Christmas Snowmen Earrings Swarovski Crystal by MagdaleneJewels via @Etsy #retwt #CCFRNDS

    Single Wrap Bracelet w Czech Fire Polished by MagdaleneJewels via @Etsy #retwt #CCFRNDS

  11. Tweeted and Scheduled all.

    I also pinned everyone to my Twitter Tree Pinterest Board today.

  12. Very late today; hope some of you are still around.

    Cristal d'Albret President and Mrs. John Kennedy Sulfide Paperweight #vintage #CCFRNDS

    Roseville Pottery Carnelian II Handled Vase Tan and Green #VINTAGE #CCFRNDS

  13. Glad I checked back this late. Got everyone.


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