Monday, January 13, 2014

RUYHS: Wrap Up and Final Thoughts

Last Holiday Sales Quarter I decided to take a class called Ramp Up Your Holiday Sales which was provided by Flourish and Thrive Academy. I learned a lot during the course, but I think what has helped me the most was two critical ideas that were stressed during the course: Positive Thinking and Support.

During the beginning of the course, we were encouraged to create a goal for the sales quarter. This included creating a daily affirmation that we were to repeat 25 times in the morning and 25 times in the evening each day.

My personal goal was to increase my holiday sales by 25% from 2012.

We were also encouraged to celebrate EVERY positive thing that occurred during that time. Even the smallest sale!

In the beginning of the course, I was very self conscious of saying an affirmation each day. I felt anxiety over others in my peer circle seeing me saying affirmations. Then I realized that I had two opportunities each day to say my affirmations, without interruptions or prying eyes.

So each day, after I dropped my son off at school and on my way to my day job, I said my affirmations. Sometimes as much as 50 times during the trip.  After I got off work, I repeated the process on my way home.

I noticed during this period, I was more focused on my goals and saw more opportunities for my business.  I actually even began making opportunities. With the encouragement of my class, I sent emails to several blogs asking to be reviewed or added into their holiday gift guides. By the time that class was over, I had landed about 10 blogs/gift guides. (This is the first year I have sought reviews outside of my known circle of Etsy associates.)

I also sought some new craft shows to participate in during the holiday season. I actually picked up two new shows during that period!

The classwork and the special guest speakers gave me the encouragement to risk rejection and go for the blogs and shows. And I am very glad that I did.

But I bet you are asking whether I reached my goal?
Yes and I even surpassed my personal goal!

So would I recommend this class? Yes, if you are ready to do the work! I had an awesome time in this class, and I learned so much; about my sales and myself. To me this class was totally worth it and my husband even agrees with the sentiment.


  1. April, congrats on exceeding your goal and your success

  2. Great to hear about tour wonderful success! PS...I love the line about "the encouragement to risk rejection". We all want the easy praise and acceptance and it is important to push ourselves even if it means we may not get a favorable response....because then again maybe you will! Kudos!


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