Monday, May 19, 2014

Should I Use Signs At Shows?

For several years I have struggled with this basic question, should I use signs at craft shows. I don't mean a banner that has my logo on it or a single sign that says "Yes, we take credit cards!"

I am referring to product signs. The signs you post next to your products with a brief line about them. Something like "Copper Earrings; Made with genuine Stones."  Simple and to the point.

Several weeks ago, I decided to ask what types of signs I should post in my booth. The resounding answer was: "Why, customers don't bother to read them."

I was told one story after another where a customer completely ignored the signs in a booth. This was very disheartening to hear. So I tried again on another forum. I received the same type of stories. "I stopped wasting my time with signs, because customers never bothered to read them."

I finally typed back: "Do YOU read signs when you go into a store?" This single question resulted in an overwhelming response by respondents. They overwhelmingly said "Of course I read signs in stores. How else would I know about the product or special offers?"

After that I made the decision to go ahead with creating my product signs. I decided that while there may be some who do not bother to read my signs, there are probably quite a few who will read them. I firmly believe that not everyone who walks into my booth wants to strike up a conversation. Many customers would like to browse in peace, and if something catches their eye they will ask for more information. They want an attentive salesperson, but not someone who is over bearing.

Bruce Baker refers to signs as "Silent Salesmen." They can offer information to customers without increasing the pressure to buy.

According to his article in The Crafts Report magazine, effective signs will increase your sales by getting your customer to experience your product. And if those signs can convince a potential customer to touch or hold your product, they will be 4 times as likely to purchase it!  Man I think that fact alone is worth putting up a few signs.

If you would like to read Bruce Baker's article, you can find it here on the Craft Report's website.

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  1. I like the "silent salesman" quote. I use a price list for certain items, but no one reads it.

    Think yours will mak a difference because of the lead-free ...


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