Sunday, October 19, 2014

Booth Work_Getting Ready for Holiday Shows

It is hard to believe, but holiday shows are right around the corner. And I have two big Christmas shows scheduled!

In the past I have done plain booths, with the idea to highlight my jewelry.

I have tried to add a little holiday flare once or twice. But jut a little. 

This year, I have decided to go a different route.I have decided to create a holiday look that is centered around the idea of luscious black velvet in snow and ice.

Before I begin to show you the look, take a peek at my booth from my last show.

I still plan to use my shutters, but my booth makeover is centered around my table. And since the shutters are white, it kind of goes with the theme.

Here is the table look I am using as a rough draft, so to speak. 

So I took this look and began to refine it. I found some gridwall (actually grid shelves I found at Walmart.) And I added some clamp on lights. (My LED's did not work as I wanted)

As nice as this looks, I think it is still kind of plain. So I added some more fillers and displays. 

I also added these cute snowballs I made. 

So I still need to add a little more "ice" I think. Maybe some glass trees on the table or crystal icicles on the gridwall? Not sure yet, but it is getting there. 

What do you think about the transformation?

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  1. Black velvet with snow and ice sounds like a great theme! The snowball is amazing. How do you make that? Love it!


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