Monday, January 16, 2017

Wide Spiral Earrings in Sterling Silver by ElunaJewelry

35.00 USD

These simple silver spiral earrings are created from solid, sleek sterling silver.

Many times in life you feel like you are going around in circles. You feel like you are getting no where fast. But when you looked back on those times you realize that what you thought was the same circle, was actually an ever expanding path providing you with new outlooks on the road blocks in your life; a spiral. And over time those spiraling paths will lead you to a greater understanding of yourself, of the world, and of the human race.

In honor of those wonderful spiraling paths in our lives, I have created these wonderful sterling silver spiral earrings. The spiral itself measures approximately 1.2 inches long by 0.9 inches wide.

These earrings are handmade from sterling silver and they are attached to a pair of sterling silver ear wires.

from Etsy Shop for ElunaJewelry

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