Friday, January 15, 2010

New Earring Cards

I don't know about you, but I have found the more I get into my jewelry, the less time I find to do other things. Especially right before a show. So I am currently work on (among other things) trying to find more time effective ways of showing off my work.
Last year I displayed my earrings on handmade tent cards. They are alot of work. First I have to create new designs for each design I have. Then I have to print each tent card, and cut them out, making sure the lines are straight. After that I have to add holes for the earrings (2 sets for hoops). Then finally I add the earrings to the card.

So this year I have decided to go back to a flat card, instead of a tent card. And I am planning on adding sticky backed earring card adapters to them like these (earring card adapters.)

Here are the three designs I have chosen for my earring designs. There is a card for each of the major designs I have.
Sterling Silver (This includes Morning Dew Earrings)
I left room on the cards to price each piece.
I figure that these new designs will not only look nice, but will also save me time since I plan on have them professionally printed.
So let me know, what do you think of these new cards?


  1. Love the new cards! Looks like you've come up with a great idea!

  2. Yes, packaging can be time consuming. Also, using these cards reinforces your "look" which is a good thing.

  3. So much easier! And very beautiful.

  4. Thanks guys :) I haven't sent them off yet, so I wanted a critique before I did.

  5. Beautiful card designs, and beautiful jewelry in your shop!

  6. I really like the last design. good for Spring. Great ideas.

  7. Your cards are fabulous. May I make a suggestion? Don't leave the blank space for pricing. Use some labels to put your price and style number on. Then when you sell the earrings, all you have to do is peel the label off and stick it on your copy of the receipt. Instant inventory control and your customer can leave the earrings on the card to give as a gift. Otherwise they have to scratch out the price or remove the earrings from the card. And that card is great advertising for you.

  8. Great designs! Very professional looking. Hope those work out better for you.


  9. I like your cards, great idea. I also like Gracie idea about the labels on the card.

  10. As always you have a great creative eye! The earring cards are wonderful.

  11. The cards are lovely!

    Great idea about leaving the spot for the prices!


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