Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Techie Tuesday – Using Picasa to Watermark Your Photos.

I recently started using Google’s Picasa to organize my photos for Etsy. While I was playing around with the software, I discovered a cool feature; the ability to watermark my photos quickly and easily. 

There are three tabs on the Picasa menu.
1.       Basic Fixes
2.       Tuning
3.       Effects

On the basic fixes menu, you will find a button called “Text”  

You will see this screen when you choose the “Text” button. 

 Depending on the background, I will change the text color to ensure that I the text will show up. Then I change the transparency setting until the text is barely visible. Then I simple save the photo under a new name (just in-case I need the original later)

And presto! Watermarked photos.

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  1. Interesting post. Thank you for posting the link to our Twitter Tree for today :-)


  2. thanks for posting about the water marks i'll have to do that.

  3. oh that's really cool, I'll have to try it

  4. Very good information - useful for artists :)


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