Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekend Projects

Good Morning All!

I had an interesting weekend. I spent Saturday working on some new cabs. I got them cut, still working on polishing them up. Hopefully they will turn into some awesome pendants. Here they are below, unfinished.

Also I have started creating a photo book that outlines how I create my stone pendants. I hope to be able to take this to shows to allow customers to see all the work that goes into the creation of my designer cabochon necklaces.

And last little tidbit for the day. Starting this week I will be joining up with 4 other bloggers to create the Twitter tree. This is a daily promotion that we will feature. Today Christiecottage is hosting the Twitter tree. So be sure to stop in and say hello. This is a great way to get your items tweeted and possibly find new customers and followers.

Christiecottage's blog  post featuring the Twitter Tree!


  1. Cool how you cut the cabs. Thanks for posting the blog link for our Twitter Tree.


  2. I love the idea of the photo book! Showing potential customers you process will better communicate all of the skill and hard work that you put in to your product. Big thumbs up!


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