Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Wire Wrapped Earrings

I have been working extra hard to get ready for a few upcoming shows. This will be the first time we have had shows 3 weekends in a row.... Kind of scary.

To that end I ordered some small cabochon sets. (I would love to cut more stones myself, but can not seem to find the time right now) I have begun the process of wire wrapping these into new sets of earrings. So today I will share one of the new sets of earrings with you guys..

These new earrings are made from green paua shells and wire wrapped in 0.925 sterling silver wire. I would love to list these, but I already have a buyer for them. So I will just have to order some more paua shell cabs and create a few more of these beauties for the holidays.  I will show you some more of my new earrings tomorrow.

If you have time today, please stop in and join us for today's Twitter Tree.


  1. They are pretty!

    I had to take today off from online promoting. Be back tomorrow. This evening I decided I would comment on blogs. Something I miss doping every day


  2. Oh April, those are sooooo pretty please make more and list them, I love the stuff you make!

  3. this is sweet and i'm loving it.

    i love wired jewelry too



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