Monday, October 17, 2011

Posting to Facebook and Twitter at the same time

So I have often seen "posted on twitter" showing up on my Facebook feed. Although I thought this was great, I was afraid to explore this because I did not want to spam my friends with business stuff. I kept hoping I would find a way to post onto my Facebook Fan page and bypass my personal page.

Last week, I finally decided to experiment, and I figured out a way to post simultaneously to both my Eluna Jewelry Fanpage as well as my twitter account. So I am going to walk you through how I did it.

First,you will need Tweetdeck installed. (BTW there are so many cool features on this! I love it.) Tweetdeck was originally recommended to me by one of my fellow Etsy peeps. You can find it at  

Once Tweetdeck is installed, you will be asked to setup your accounts. To post simultaneously, you will need to fill in the account information for both your Twitter Account as well as your Facebook account.

(If you already have Tweetdeck, you will need to go into the settings to add your Facebook account.)

Go to "Settings". Then choose the "Accounts" on the left hand side.
Once you are on the Accounts page, choose your Facebook account. You will see a list of pages pop up below the account screen. Choose your Fan page by checking the box beside it.Then Save Settings.

Return to the main Tweetdeck page. At the top you will see "From:" followed by your account avatars. Make sure the accounts you will to tweet from are not grayed out. To activate the account, simply click on the avatar until the picture is in full color.

From here you are ready to post in both locations with a single comment. Type your comment in to the Compose Update box and hit send.

Congratulations, you just posted on your Fan page and your Twitter at the same time!

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