Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Promoting through Twitter Tree

The Twitter Tree© will be hosted by a different shop each business day.


  •          Only 2 Items per person
  •          Each Tweet must contain the hashtag #retwt
  •          Only 1 other Hashtag may be used.
  •          Please include a brief description of your item in the tweet. 
  •    Keep your Tweet under 140 Characters (including spaces).
  •          No Mature Items
  •          Tweet Everyone’s listings. (It is not fair to others if you do not fully participate. Team Leaders do watch who is tweeting and who is not.)

Limit of two (2) hashtags

Here's an acceptable example post
Knit Lip Balm Lipstick pouch Black @ChristieCottage  handmade  artfire http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/3935206 #AFPP  #RETWT

Invite your friends!
Something I would like to remind everyone. Please tweet the other shops in the tree. It is not fair to be tweeted without returning the favor. The more people that are tweeting, the more exposure for all!
Speaking of exposure. Did you know that you are creating back links to your items by posting in the twitter tree. You get a link from the blog and you also get back links when someone tweet, FB, Google+, RebelMouse, and uses other social media to promote your items. The more back links you get, the more relevant  your items are to Google.   Something to keep in mind.
Today's Tweeting Items:

Picasso Jasper Stone Bracelet - Metal Free by @ElunaJewelry http://etsy.me/LAOhUn via @Etsy #retwt #fashion


Tiny Twisted Copper Hoop Earrings Modern Hoops by @ElunaJewelry http://etsy.me/Mgew2M #retwt #handmadebot


  1. here are mine for today:

    What a great Craft Book -It's Raining Cats & Dogs PaperPieced by ButterflyInTheAttic2 http://etsy.me/PLSHIy @Etsy @butterflysattic #retwt

    I just <3 Cabbage Patch Vintage Cross Stitch Patterns by ButterflyInTheAttic2 http://etsy.me/LIf9eZ via @Etsy @butterflysattic #retwt

    Happy sales everyone

  2. Tweeted and scheduled to here and will BBL


  3. Good morning!

    Email with link sent

    Pre-orders available
    NEW #Crochet Book #patterns http://www.amazon.com/Baby-Crochet-Sandy-Powers/dp/1416208461
    @capecodcrochet #retwt

    Win a
    Mini Organizer in Minty Chip
    from thirty-one
    @charityvanmeter #Retwt


  4. Good morning!

    Christmas Fused Art Glass Plate Cranberry and Shimmery Green by @FirstLightGlass http://etsy.me/PLPDMF via @Etsy #retwt #christmas

    Halloween Ghost Fused Glass Plate for Cookies or as a Decoration by @FirstLightGlass http://etsy.me/qZNS27 via @Etsy #retwt #halloween


  5. Good morning everyone!

    Here's a pretty #Vintage Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass Candle Holder by GotMilkGlassAndMore http://etsy.me/vtOksd via @Etsy #retwt

    Talk about retro! #Vintage Wade California Pottery Scallop Shell by GotMilkGlassAndMore http://etsy.me/neT7fC via @Etsy #retwt

  6. Good morning - retwted all up to "Got Glass" - will check back.
    My Wed Tweets:

    Crocheted Victorian Beaded Choker White Ivory by MagdaleneKnits http://etsy.me/MgXWzL via @Etsy #retwt

    Crocheted Baby Blanket Pink w Ruffled Edges & by MagdaleneKnits http://etsy.me/Mh4LkU via @Etsy #retwt #crochet baby

  7. good morning Sandy congrats on the book that is awesome!!!!!

    Black gold and white large ceramic bead by @crochet18purple
    http://etsy.me/pzALaV via @Etsy #RETWT

    3 art deco ceramic cats large bead by @crochet18purple
    http://etsy.me/qwwGoi via @Etsy #RETWT

  8. everyone tweeted and accounted for...glad to be joining the group today...i'll come back after lunch to continue tweeting...

    here are my two listings...

    wire wrap birds nest with eggs. https://www.etsy.com/listing/102544785 #retwt @dorsethilbeads #myetsy #jewelry

    pretty fabric flower brooch, red and white dots. https://www.etsy.com/listing/62430568 #handmadebot #retwt #myetsy @dorsethillbeads

  9. Good Morning
    Here are mine for the day:

    Ladybug Necklace Polymer Clay Handmade Jewelry Garden bluemorningexpressions http://tinyurl.com/7q3awqp #retwt #handmadebot

    The Raven of Yellowstone Mugs - original photography http://bit.ly/O5qpTm #retwt

    Happy Sales to all
    Julie and Blu

  10. Good morning, everyone! Here are mine for today:

    Real American #turquoise used in this fab chunky #handmade necklace! http://bit.ly/LwfDIW @ShadowDogDesign #retwt

    What a fab night sky color! Blue kiwi jasper & labradorite #handmade necklace! http://bit.ly/P0EAhj @ShadowDogDesign #retwt

    Thanks! Off to tweet and schedule.

  11. I have everyone tweeted and scheduled

    Here are mine

    Perfect for your little love bug! Girl Bug Toy by ToyBoxflameOfsilver http://etsy.me/PM0uGr via @Etsy @flameofsilver #retwt #christmasinjuly

    Unique Forest Woodland Animal Toy perfect for all ages by ToyBoxflameOfsilver http://etsy.me/Ldbzcv via @Etsy @flameofsilver #retwt #CIJ

  12. Have the morning tweets scheduled for everyone. After a trip to the dog park, will schedule the afternoon tweets :)

  13. Everyone is tweeted thru this point.

    Going to be taking the Youth from church swimming again today. I need to start making their snacks for today

    BBL in the evening


  14. Everyone has been scheduled for tweets later this afternoon. Will check back later.

  15. got ya all...

    now, for some sales dust since I don't think I've sprinkled any lately.

  16. Tweeted everyone. Sorry I'm so late, I had a doc appt after work.

    I hope everyone had a great day!


  17. I have returned, but nothing new! See you tomorrow


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