Thursday, July 25, 2013

Etsy's New Listing Page: Hiccups and Work Arounds

Overall I like the new listing page. It is clean, with most of the infomation centered on the product being looked at.

There are a few issues however.

First: Shipping.
In order to see shipping costs, or shipping time, you have to click the shipping tab. Not very user friendly I think.  Short of putting shipping prices and times directly into each listing, I do not currently have a work around here.

Second: Navigation
In the orginal listing format, you could at least return to a section by following the gray nav link at the top of the page. Now that link is hidden by a banner. The banner is nice in that it features products by the seller, BUT it makes it impossible to simply navigate around the store. 

In the case of navigation, sellers can side step this issue by ensuring each listing has a back link to it's shop section as well as a back link to their store.

Since the new listing pages have been in testing, I have seen a larger than normal spike in my shop stats from Etsy; specifically "your listings". While my shop section stats have gone into the toilet.

What do you like or hate about the new listing page on Etsy?

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