Friday, September 25, 2015

Actions That May Be Costing You Money At Craft Shows - Pt 3

Today we will be looking at the number 6 and 7 biggest habits that may lose you money at craft shows, based on my recent survey.

The number six and seven money loser: Books and Cell Phones.

When asked 22% of respondents admitted bring a book to read while they were at a craft show. And 45% of respondents mentioned talking and texting their friends while they were at a show. Customers will try not to disturb you if you are engaged in any activity other than selling your work. When you bring a book to read, you project an air of boredom that customers do not want to be around.

When you talk and text on the phone, you are telling customers not to enter your space. You are in a private conversation, and customers take that as a hint to stay out. Also many times when we are on the phone, we make comments that others overhear. Something as innocent as, it has been a bit slow this morning, will turn a customer off from entering your booth. At one show I did, a lady beside me had her son come out to relieve her for a few minutes. During that time, he was on the phone cursing at a “Friend” (sports thing I think.) Not only did he scare off her customers, he also scared off mine. You could see them literally give her space a very wide berth. She spent the rest of the time complaining that she had no customers.


  1. really great points, I agree totally!

  2. I agree - I do often take something to work on though, like a crochet or knitted item. Something that will go from my hands onto the display table. I find this actually helps sales and I am often questioned about what I am doing. I also chat with potential clients while I am working too.

  3. I take that time to work on an intricate crocheted piece. People come in to see what I am doing. I also give spontaneous lessons to little girls who seem interested in trying crochet. Not only does it get me involved during a slow moment, it brings even more people in to see my work and buy!

    One time my son called me from home. I was talking to him and as soon as someone walked into my booth I said, "I just sold out of red just this morning. I will have more available next week." The customer was willing to wait for me and my son played right along with me!

    The other thing I do is move my display around. Not extensive but change clothes on the mannequins, rotate the hats, etc. That shows movement in your booth and that you are involved in your business and take it seriously.

    I'm loving this survey!

  4. Good Points Eluna. When I do shows I usually focus on one customizable item to take with me. For instance, cell phone charms or i.d. lariats. I then put up a little sign, behind my selection of beads that reads "Design your own XXXXX" I offer pick up for later in the event or I take special orders to be completed and shipped later.
    It usually adds about 15% more $$$ to that show's take.

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  5. Good to know. I have done shows in the past for candles and other crafts, but haven't done any for my earrings yet. I'll definitely do my research before I do :) Thanks for the tip!

  6. I love reading these tips and the tips from people commenting. Great job!

  7. At the last show I did, there was a lady with very high priced jewelry and art. Her art was incredible. I stopped by her booth three times to ask about a particular painting, and all three times she was on the phone and didn't even acknowledge me. If your prices range from $150-$300 at an Oktoberfest beer event. . . it's probably not going to generate impulse buys. Please take the time to talk to people who show interest in your work. I am most likely to buy art at a show! Wonderful tip. I should print it up and hand it out this weekend at the show I'm doing.

  8. I usually take my material with me to make jewelry. This usually pulls the customer to your table. It helps me with my sales.

  9. I hate just sitting/standing there behind my table - so if I can't fiddle with the display (I don't want to get in anyone's way either...sometimes people are afraid to disturb your pretty display if they see you messing with it constantly), I bring something to hand sew during the show. People LOVE it. It passes the time for me, and it proves that I know what I'm doing, plus invites people to ask about what I'm making.


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