Friday, September 18, 2015

Actions That May Be Costing You Money At Craft Shows - Pt 2

Today we will be looking at the number 8 biggest habit that may lose you money at craft shows, based on my recent survey.

The number eight money loser: Got my booth fee done, so if they want it let them buy it.

Very rarely does our work sell itself. Most times art needs abit of help to get sales. Would you just hand your money over to see a movie you have never even heard of? The same is true of any art. Customers need to know something about it to prompt them to buy. If you want to make more than you booth fee on a regular basis, you need to put some effort into selling your work. Nuff said.


  1. Oh, man, it's true. You know, in those last hours of the last day of a show, sometimes I feel my sales spirit just give out and I stare at people. I have to stop that! Thanks.

  2. i agree

    but dont go too far
    this lady last weekend was dragging people into her booth practically and going on and on about her items
    some people came next door to my booth rolling their eyes

    happy mediums seem to be best!

  3. I was away and missed your survey:(
    Am enjoying the analysis but would like to see the original survey questions too if possible?


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