Sunday, July 19, 2009

Figured it out!!!

Most of the people I asked yesterday preferred the old format. I do too. The only complaints I have heard about the old format is the reflections. I knew there was a way to get rid of them with Photoshop, but for some reason I could only come up with using the clone stamp tool to fix it. The problem with using the clone stamp tool is that it would leave a blurry mess in the photo.

I had forgotten about the healing brush tool in Photoshop. Unlike the clone stamp which simply clones your sample area and replaces it in the destination area; the healing brush clones the sample area and then merges it with the destination area. It creates a seamless looking repair without all the blurriness.

Here is the original picture.
And here is the repaired photo
Yeah, I think I finally figured it out.


  1. That's so cool!! It looks like the necklace is floating!!

  2. Thanks Audrey. I just hope I can make the others look just as cool. :)


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