Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello Sales Fairy/ Dynomite That Mountain

I think I found the dynamite to move that mountain.

After looking at all the suggestions I recieved yesterday, I decided to rename the collection "Reclaimed Stained Glass." I went into my Etsy store last night and removed all of my "Sea Glass" into the inactive listing. I then proceeded to create new listings for some of my collection, under the title of "Reclaimed Sea Glass." Afterwards I deleted the old listings. I realize that I am going to be charged for the new listing, but I figure that it is ok since I can get new feedback on the items.

Anyway, within 10 minutes of relisting my Aqua Blue Pendant as "Aqua Blue Reclaimed Stained Glass Pendant" it sold. I was also able to sell my Aquamarine Reclaimed Stained Glass Earrings that I relisted last night.

Thanks for all of your help and suggestions. Lets hope that I can keep moving those mountains. It sure does feel great when you do!

A quick aside, if you are on twitter and use twittermail. I have noticed that twittermail has not been working and have not seen an update as to what is going on. I hope it returns soon, since I send tweets via email while I am at work.

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