Thursday, July 16, 2009

Time to Shake Things Up?

I have been posting new necklaces on Etsy a lot lately, but have not had a great many views. Even fewer sales (only 1 so far.)  To try to get more attention on my work, I have visited the Chat rooms the past few nights.

Last night I got brave and decided to ask the room why they thought my jewelry was not selling, specifically the "SEA GLASS" collection. I have been curious since I always sell out at my craft shows, but on Etsy I feel like the crickets are chirping.

One of my fellow chatters pointed out that they look like tumbled stained glass.  In fact that is exactly what they are, and I make note of that in my descriptions that they are reproduction sea glass.  He pointed out that not having it noted in the title may be why I have not had any sales. It makes me look like I trying to pull a fast one.

I was slightly affronted when I read that, but then I set back and thought about it for a second and realized that he was right. Even though I was being honest in the description, the title was a bit misleading. So I changed the title to reflect that it is reproduction sea glass. But now I have a feeling that there has to be a better marketing title for this collection. I just need to find it.  If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them J

Wish me luck, I have some homework ahead of me.


  1. What about something with "Renew" or "Renewal" in the title?

  2. Or maybe you can try to use the whole "going green" approach. Isn't that what recycling is all about? Saving our earth! You are using recycled glass and making something beautiful!

  3. WHy not call it Tumbled Stained Glass? If you say Sea Glass Reproduction people may not feel they're getting their money's worth. Whereas with Tumbled Stained Glass you still get that rich quality feel to the title and product.

  4. I agree with all the previous posts.

    Don't be discouraged n etsy right now. It is one of the slowest months for sales.


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